Making My Home Comfortable, Efficient, and Happy

Hi everyone, long time no chat! It has been wild for me transitioning back to work and getting used to all the new protocols at the office. However, everything has settled down and the changes are becoming a new norm.

Speaking of changes, I also have made changes in our home that have become a new norm. It made the quarantine period bearable but overall these things made our place more comfortable, more efficient, and happier. I wanted to share a few of the changes with you and maybe they can help amp up your home too!

Make your home comfortable with ergonomics

I basically claimed our dining table as my work area with my laptop setup. The first few weeks were fine, but I was starting to notice slight neck and back pain after sitting at the table and looking downwards at my laptop screen. My workspace had to change or else the pain will build up. I’m thankful that Anthrodesk reached out to me and sent their Sliding Standing Desk Converter* to review.

Assembly is required to put the standing desk converter together but it is pretty straightfoward. One part came in defective but Anthrodesk was fast to send the replacement part. It’s quite hefty so it’s better to keep it someplace where you won’t have to move it often.

The boards that hold the keyboard and the desktop screen (or laptop in my case) can be adjusted in height and locked into place. As you can see in the photo, my laptop does hang off slightly because the top board was likely designed to hold a desktop screen. With that being said, this has still helped me maintain better posture whenever I’m using my computer and the pain has been relieved.

You can also find standing desks, other converter styles, and ergonomic accessories on the Anthrodesk website here. Setting up your space to be ergonomic will:

  • help increase productivity
  • improve posture
  • be comfortable if you need to be in the same spot for long periods of time
  • help you have a healthier lifestyle by giving you the opportunity to stand and work at the same time

Make your home more efficient with organization hacks

Being at home more revealed to me what to improve with the use of my space. Home storage and organisation is always harder in a condo since it’s a much smaller area but I purchased different items that helped make our home more efficient.

  1. In the pantry, use labels where you can so you can quickly find what you need. Utilize the vertical space available in the cupboard with a wire shelf!
  2. A dinnerware shelf makes it easier to grab the particular plate you want without having to do the work and lift the plates above to get it! You also reduce the chance of your plates chipping or marking up.
  3. A rolling utility cart stores all our cleaning supplies. It is usually hidden in our tiny laundry room, and we roll it out to whichever area of our home that needs to be cleaned. It’s much easier than lugging a bunch of bottles around and saves more space than a big box of supplies on the floor!

Make your home a happier space with plants and bring nature inside

I am so happy that I was able to finally start my plant collection! This hobby never came to be because I didn’t have the time I wanted to research, invest, and search for my plants… until now! Since having gone back to work, I’ve adjusted my lifestyle and routines to make time for my plant babies.

It brings me joy and helps me start my day off happy when I check on my plants every morning. It’s also knowing that your care and attention is reflected in how they thrive and grow. Seeing new shoots gets me excited! It’s also so satisfying when I’m able to acquire an uncommon/rare plant that I’ve always wanted.

This photo was taken a few weeks ago, and since then I have already added a few more. Some of the plants are noticeably bigger and lusher as well in reality compared to the photo! Perhaps I may do a plant collection in a future post?

I hope this was insightful for you, and it gives you the motivation to assess your home and see how you can make it better for yourself! Sometimes you just need that kick to start making changes, and the quarantine did that for me!

*This item was sent as a PR sample for editorial consideration. All thoughts and opinions are my own and genuine.

Until next time,

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