Beauty Self Care at Home

It has been almost a month off work, and I’m still trying to find activities to fill the days. My thoughts and prayers are going out to all frontline workers, workers of essential businesses, and those affected by Covid19. I must say though, I rarely had time like this prior to the quarantine so I’m taking the opportunity to treat myself and do some beauty self-care. What are some of your self-care activities that you’ve done during this time? Let me know in the comments!

I drink coffee almost everyday, and as you likely know it tends to stain your teeth over time. I decided to try this Natural White 5 Minute Tooth Whitening System* to make these pearly whites even whiter than before. It’s very simple to use, requiring only a minimum of five minutes for it to be effective! All you need to do is put some tooth whitening gel into the silicone mold and bite down into it for at least five minutes. Afterwards you take it out and rinse your mouth clean. This treatment is done over a week. I chose to do the treatment for 10 minutes each day, and by the end of the week I noticed that my teeth were actually a bit whiter than before! The system provides you with approximately three week-long sessions so I can save this and use it again down the road. This kit is available at Walmart for only $11.28 CAD, super affordable! It beats going to the dentist for a whitening procedure. When this quarantine is over I’ll be back at work with a whiter smile. 🙂

My job requires a lot of hands on work so I don’t usually paint my nails as it’ll likely chip. Now that I’m home until further notice, I finally have time to paint my nails and freely watch a few shows while they dry! I don’t have to worry about ruining them the next day. I used Revlon’s Nail Enamel in 410 Dreamer for my fingers since it reminded me of the beautiful spring weather outside.

From the get go of the quarantine, it was very important for me to maintain my skincare. I may not have worn any makeup for the past month but I did not once slack on my skincare. In fact, with all this time at home, I’m doing face masks a lot more frequently, several times a week! I have accumulated so many face masks over time that even I can’t handle it anymore, so I am challenging myself to see how many I can use up over this quarantine period. I’ll be documenting all the face masks I use over on my Instagram @desiree.pong in the Face Mask highlight (there’ll be a mini review as well for each mask). Join me if you’re in a similar boat and want to clear up your face mask collection as well! I started off this challenge with the Freeman Beauty Cleansing Sheet Mask*, containing charcoal and probiotics. I thought it would leave some sort of black residue on my face since there is charcoal infused into the mask but I was pleasantly surprised that there was none at all. The serum absorbed well and it didn’t further react to the few spots I had on my face. I liked it! I know the next one that I’ll be doing is the Freeman Beauty Moisturizing Hydrogel Mask* with coconut milk and hyaluronic acid (I haven’t used a hydrogel mask before so I’m excited to try it out!). Freeman Beauty face masks are available at Walmart.

This quarantine is not ending anytime soon. Stay healthy and stay safe!

*Products were sent as PR samples for editorial consideration. All thoughts and opinions are my own and genuine.

Until next time,

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