What I Do to Stay Active

One of my goals for 2020 was to be more active on a regular basis. I shared on Instagram (@desiree.pong) and a friend challenged me to think about HOW I actually plan on achieving this goal. Today I’m sharing the three particular activities that I’ve been doing to stay active each week.

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga has been a gamechanger! I’m so happy that I finally tried and now I go regularly. I absolutely love going to each class, and over time I have seen significant improvements in my flexibility, endurance, and strength. It feels so good to sweat, and it’s the dripping-down-your-face-and-body kind of sweating! I go with some colleagues once a week to Saana Yoga, a hot yoga studio with locations in North York, Thornhill, or Downtown Toronto. I reserve my spot for each class via ClassPass.

Strength Training

I also do a workout for strength training with my brother and his girlfriend once a week. The goal is to tone up the body and build muscle, so we do targeted strength and weight exercises.

Just Dance!

We recently purchased Just Dance for our Nintendo Switch as a fun active game to play when friends are over, but also as a way to include some cardio exercise into my weekly fitness activity. After dancing six to seven consecutive songs, my heart is racing and I’m out of breath! The game also has a feature to change to a “Sweat Mode” and it highlights how many calories are burned after each song.

I feel healthier, happier, and more confident with these simple additions in my week! What do you do the stay active?

Until next time,

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