Is It Worth Paying for a Photoshoot?

Brrr, as I write this it is -16 degrees C outside, I hope all of you are staying warm! Today I wanted to share the photos from a photoshoot with my family last month. I gifted my parents this experience for Christmas so that they can (finally) update the photos around their home. I hired Eunice Chan to do the photoshoot for us (check out her website here and her Instagram at @eunicechanphoto), a photographer available in both Vancouver and Toronto. I’m very fortunate to know so many talented friends, and she’s one of them!

Some have asked me if it’s worth paying for a photoshoot. My answer is YES, it is worth it. The most common questions that I get are: “Why not just take the photos yourself?”, “Can’t you find anyone to take some portraits for you?”, “Doesn’t the cost of the photoshoot seem high for a bunch of photos that you get back?” Well, here are five reasons as to why it’s worth it.

1. The photographer has professional knowledge and taste

You may have asked someone to help you take a picture, and when you look at the result you’re not pleased with how it turned out. Maybe the angle or lighting was off, the photo was out of focus, or you wished they mentioned that your hair or clothes weren’t set nicely prior to taking the photo. With a professional photographer, you can be at peace knowing that they’ll ensure all the characteristics of the photo are near perfect with their knowledge of photography. They also have a good eye and taste in posing their subjects and editing the photos to make them look beautiful.

2. The photographer likely has better camera gear

Photos taken from a phone or a regular point-and-shoot camera may be nice, but the camera gear that a photographer uses will likely shoot photos that turn out even better. Of course the photo editing can make a difference in how the photo results, but you’re more likely to obtain quality images from professional DSLR cameras that the photographer knows how to work.

3. Everyone in the photoshoot can be in the moment without distractions

When you’re trying to take the photos yourself AND be in the photoshoot, it may become a distraction as you’re going back and forth from your posing to making sure the camera is ready to shoot again. If you have a friend take the photos, you may feel inclined to constantly check the photos to make sure they turned out ok. With a photographer who knows what they’re doing, you don’t have to worry about anything except being in the moment and enjoying the experience. That’s what the photographer is for! They’re taking care of it.

4. Have photos that are worth printing or framing

If I am to hang a piece of art on my wall, I want it to be the best quality. Just like art, I would want the nicest photos on the walls. When they’re professionally edited you’re more inclined to have the photos printed and framed. In addition, our world has been so digitized but there’s something special about printing photos and keeping them in an heirloom album.

5. A meaningful way to commemorate special moments

My parents had photos of when my brother and I were in our tweens, so it has been a very long time since new photos were on the walls and in the frames around their home. The family has grown since then with my husband and my brother’s girlfriend! This was a special way to commemorate the change and current chapter of our family. Just like an engagement shoot, wedding shoot, or a maternity shoot, these are cherished moments that you want to remember. These will be the photos that I look back on as the years go by, so it has got to be done by the pros.

The culmination of a photographer’s gear, skills, and eye is what makes a photoshoot worth it all. Every photographer has a particular look and style to their photos, so find the one that matches your aesthetic. That being said, here are some of the shots by Eunice from our family winter photoshoot, taken at Toogood Pond in Unionville, ON.

Thank you again Eunice for capturing my family in your beautiful work! What are your thoughts about professional photoshoots?

Until next time,

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