The Difference between Optometry, Opthamology, & Opticianry

This post has been revised and updated from the original post on my blog from June 2014.

Finch Avenue Optometry

Happy New Year! Since we are now in the year of 2020, I thought it would be fitting to share a post about my career so that more people have CLARITY between the different professions in the optical industry. Our vision significantly contributes to how we perceive the world, and each professional role in the industry plays an important part in that. I myself am a registered optician (R.O.). Many have approached me wondering what opticianry is and what the difference is between that, optometry, and opthamalogy.

Optometry is the profession in which the doctor examines the anatomy and health of the eye to see if there are any visual defects or symptoms of disease. They’re the ones who also help determine your prescription required to prescribe corrective lenses for your vision, whether they’re glasses or contact lenses.

Opthamology is a specialization of medicine that deals with the study and treatment of eye diseases. You need to go to medical school in order to become an opthamologist. People generally know these professionals as “eye surgeons”.

Opticianry (what I’m in) is the practice in which the optician dispenses eyeglasses, fits contact lenses, or provides any other kind of gear that’s needed to help your vision. I am like the pharmacist in the optical industry. You’ll go to an optician once you’ve received a prescription from the doctor (optometrist), and they’ll fill and dispense the appropriate vision device for you. If you require any advice or service related to glasses, contact lenses, sports vision gear, low-vision gear, eye drops, etc., then the optician is someone you should approach.

Hopefully this was able to clarify your understanding between these three professions in the optical industry! Did you learn something new?

Until next time,

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