Winter Clothing & Accessories Haul

This past year, I’ve been more conscious as to what I’m purchasing for my wardrobe and trying to limit my buying only to pieces that are timeless. It has helped me reduce my spending on things that I don’t need or are too trendy. However, I do have some new additions and accessories to my wardrobe that were added over this winter season. I linked what I can to the actual product online for your reference.

  1. I had my previous winter boots for five years and water was starting to get into the sole very easily. I decided to invest in a pair of Blundstone boots that are a perfect combination of style and function. I got the Blundstone Winter Round Toe in black. They are extremely comfortable, even for my flat feet. It also comes with a removable sheep-lined sole and an extra foam sole in case the boots stretch out too loose over time. I love them!
  2. I picked up this pair of flannel trouser-inspired joggers by The Group by Babaton. Read more about them in my OOTD post by clicking here.
  3. I needed a warmer, layering piece that I can wear over some thinner blouses and I found this pocket open sweater vest from Loft. I really like this neutral tan colour, it makes it easy to match almost anything. I was so happy to find this on sale on Boxing Day!
  4. Playing Pokemon Go outside in the winter has been made easier with these North Face E-Tip gloves! The fingertips are compatible with screens so I can use my phone with the gloves on.
  5. I took advantage of Mejuri’s only sale of the year over the Black Friday weekend and picked up three pieces. I don’t have any good quality, gold jewellery so I decided to invest in these. I got the single sphere stud for my second piercing, the midi hoops, and the sun necklace.
  6. I also got this Pauze Atelier sterling silver bar necklace back when I attended the One of a Kind Show (take a look at my haul from that visit by clicking here).

What’s your favourite purchase of this season so far?

Until next time,

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