Get to Know Me

Hello to those who are new here! Each follower of the blog has given me a jump for joy! Hopefully you’re able to connect with me over one of these facts. Do we have anything in common?

  • I’m a registered optician. I’m like the pharmacist in the optical industry: you come to me with a prescription from an optometrist and I fill it with glasses or contacts. It’s the reason why I seem to have a countless number of different glasses and sunglasses.
  • I’m happily married to my husband C. We just celebrated our one year anniversary and I shared my reflection of the year in this post here.
  • I’m a Christian, believing that Jesus died on the cross for all of us, bearing the weight of all our wrongdoings so that we are forgiven in God. Now we have new life and an eternal relationship with Him. His intentions surpass our understanding but we have faith that He is good and changing this world at every moment.
  • My personality type is ISFJ and I match the most with Enneagram Type 1 and 3. It pretty much explains why I am shy, am not great at small talk, like to follow recipes/instructions, and feel more comfortable when others make the decisions on what to do or where to eat.
  • I have a fear of things crawling on me.
  • My favourite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy.
  • If you asked me if I wanted a tattoo ten years ago, it would have been a definite no. My mind has changed and I plan on getting one in the next few years.
  • The weather can really affect my mood. Sunny days energize me, whereas cloudy and rainy days make me feel so pooped that I want to crawl into bed and do nothing.
  • I like my coffee with two creams.
  • One of my struggles in life is comparing myself to others. It could be in terms of success or popularity, but I’m constantly reminding myself that all of it is so small compared to the grand love of God and to appreciate what I’ve already been blessed with.

This blog is a platform for me to be authentic about myself and the things I enjoy. It’s also a place for me to empower and encourage others through my struggles and the lessons learned. One of my goals here is to have something here that resonates with you, whatever it may be. Thanks for reading and following along in this adventure!

Until next time,

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