A Fresh Start

Welcome back to the (updated) corner of my Internet space! For those of you who are new, hello!

There are two reasons why I’m having a fresh start with the blog. My blog was originally hosted with Blogger. It was a good setup for me back then when I didn’t know much, except for the fact that I wanted to try my hand at blogging. Over time as I became more acquainted with this hobby, I found that its’ features did not meet my new standards and I wanted to use a platform that’s more capable in customization. Thus, I transitioned over here to WordPress to access the higher design capabilities and other extensive features that Blogger doesn’t have.

I would have phases where I’m really into writing and push out posts consistently. Then there would also be phases where I had no motivation to write at all. Upon reflecting as to why that happens, I realize now that I’m confused and uncertain as to what the blog is for. It all started as just a beauty blog, but over the years I began to see a shift in my interests and passions. With life changes along the way, the content that I want to share now reflects where I’m at in life, more than just about beauty: marriage, the home, timeless fashion, my spiritual walk, and other things I enjoy. This will formally transition my blog from just beauty to one that’s more holistic of my interests.

Thanks a million to those who have been following since the beginning. You don’t understand how much it means to me. To those of you who are here for the very first time, I hope you stick around and see if this blog is up your alley. May the content be helpful, encouraging, or fun for you. Here we go on this new adventure!

Until next time,

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